María Sánchez Martín is a Spanish photographer based in Madrid and Montreal. She received a BFA from TAI University (Madrid) in 2020 and is currently pursuing an MFA in Photography at Concordia University (Montreal).

My photographic practice deals with young representation. I am interested in a type of changing subject, in movement, without a defined identity. Since 2020, I have been trying to represent people similar to me and our reality as young Spanish people in suburban Madrid. I grew up in Tres Cantos, a small town in the greater Madrid area. These spaces do not have a clear identity, they are neither city nor landscape; they seem to be isolated from any narration, or even outside of it. They, like a photograph, seem to be lost in an instant, removed from whatever happened before or after.

I thought there were similarities with how people around me and myself feel. In the case of Spanish youth, it is hard to find employment and there are no opportunities for us. Similar to wastelands that are empty holes in cities, the institutions abandon us and there is a gloomy uncertainty about our future. To me, these portraits evoke the same sense of uncertainty. They are ambiguous and describe my generation's constant state of limbo.
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